Chihuahua NEXT is a strategy for the strengthening of local productive chains that begins with the mapping of capacities and detection of the priority links to generate investment, co-investment and / or acceleration of companies with potential (Scale Up).



External information

It informs the position of the company in the value chain.



Diagnosis of the company's maturity, measured by 10 factors

  • Administration and systematic cost control

  • Development of human capital

  • Safety, health and environment

  • Continuous improvement, Six Sigma, Lean and innovation

  • Quality and customer service

  • Chain of suppliers and logistics

  • Information Technology

  • Operations system

  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment


The council receives preliminary studies of the internal and external capacities of the companies located in Chihuahua.


This with the purpose to define the sectors which are considered strategic for the economic development of the city.

What do companies need?

Based on the information obtained by the Chihuahua NEXT Council,  strategic companies are supported through:

• Consulting.

• Certifications.

• Financing.

• Machinery.

• International Promotion.


Chihuahua NEXT was developed to respond to the needs of a transparent process.


Obtaining, processing and analyzing all the external and internal information of the companies can be easily accessed through our web platform. The user enters the company´s data directly and can consult the results of the diagnosis with the user and password previously provided.

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