chihuahua: cluster city


Its objective is to strengthen the capabilities and growth opportunities for manufacturing and service companies established or interested to get established in Chihuahua by offering facilitation services to start or ramp up operation, negotiating government incentives, organizing high technology training, facilitating certification services and supply chain.

  • Chihuahua is one of the leading regions in attracting aerospace investment and our vision as the Aerospace Cluster is to establish the final assembly and certification of a complete aircraft as well as a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) center for single aisle airplanes

  • 6 out of the 8 OEM´s operating in Mexico and more than 40 specialized and certified suppliers

Automotive Cluster Chihuahua is a group led by the private sector that includes automotive manufacturers, government agencies, and academic Institutions that have decided to join efforts focused towards common initiatives that foster the growth of the automotive industry in Chihuahua.

•Chihuahua supplies the Auto world

• 80 % of a vehicle content is made in Chihuahua

• All major OEM´s receive components

• 3 Design Centers located in the State (Delphi, Visteon, Dana)

• 1 Engine Ford assembly plant

• 1 Recreational vehicle assembly plant Bombardier

•Main Cluster Objectives:

  1.  INFRASTUCTURE: Identify, plan and coordinate the set up of the key infrastructure elements to support the growth of the industry by offering a competitive platform to new Tier 1 and OEM enterprises.

  2. HUMAN TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Develop specialization and continuous education programs aimed to trained new talent for the Automotive disciplines required by the industry, and to reinforce current automotive employees helping their career growth.

  3. PROMOTION: Support our government efforts in the promotion of the strenghts of the Automotive Industry both locally and globally.

  4. LOCAL SUPPLY CHAINS: Integrate the current and future demands of the industry with the local private sector to encourage the creation of new supply chains in the T2 and T3 levels, always with an open mind for new ventures with Global companies.

  5. INNOVATION AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Establish a formal program of innovation and operations excellence by learning from the best and aimed to improve the competitiveness of the industry players.

The Chihuahua Information Technology Cluster (CITC) groups companies, educational institutions and technology parks, with the firm purpose of developing the IT industry and innovation as the main premise.

  • Strategic Axis:

  1. Talent development

  2. Promotion program on middle school to incentivate students to pursuit careers focused on technologies

  3. Alternative education model “Cluser Academy”

  4. Diplomat on “Industry 4.0”

  5. Scale Up

  6. Liaison office and business development in the United Stantes

  7. Cetifications

  8. Presence in events

  9. Integration of the ecosystem

  10. Living Lab

  11. International IT and Industry 4.0 conferences in Chihuahua

  12. Studies on supply and demand of IT


•Promote Speed Up companies with a high level of competence.

•Increase the added value developing the local industry through its participation in global value chains.

•Chihuahua's mining cluster was established in 2013 to become the Association of the main mining units in the State, which, in communion with the governmental authorities, seek to generate the development of local suppliers as well as the attraction of greater mining investments in Chihuahua.

•It concentrates 90% of the mining companies in the State. Within the association are Canadian, Mexican and American mining companies. Currently, it is made up of more than 120 supplier partners from different areas.


•The potential for the development of the crop in the State of Chihuahua, based on climatic conditions, is great. As it is a product that consumes small quantities of water, the State is ideal for its production, additionally in many regions it complies with the recommended characteristics for the production of quality wine grapes.

•There is great enthusiasm among the locals to produce wine. The Vid Product System is an organization that groups the producers of the state of Chihuahua, and channels support, offers training and linkage; currently it is formed by 32 vine producers, as well as 3 wine producing wineries.

•Bodegas Pinesque, Vinos de Casa Chávez, Bodegas Valles Villalpando, Casa Boutique Reyes Mota, and Viñedos y Bodegas Encinillas, are some of the wine producers on Chihuahua.

Vineyards $ 33 million pesos

Wineries $ 38 million pesos

Achievements since its creation:

  1. Constitution of the Civil Association

  2. Creation of structure in the Council

  3. Hiring the Facilitator

  4. Positioning of the Product System Vid as a key element of the rural development of Chihuahua

  5. Training courses (Pruning, Vinification, Taxes)

  6. Benchmarking trips (Chile, Argentina, Spain, California, Others)

  7. Validation visits international experts

  8. Technical feasibility study (Fundación Chile, 2010)

  9. Enology and Vinification Course (Roviar e Vigil University, Tarragona, Spain)

  10. Participation in fairs and exhibitions

  11. Planting more than 100 hectares of vineyards

  12. Construction and operation of more 6 producing wineries

Formed by 16 beer producers, it's short-term goal is to count with over 300 members. Craft beer has been increasing in popularity.

The strategic plan's axes are five and they intend to give a greater development of the tourist offer in the city of Chihuahua and be a spearhead for other regions of the state.

  1. Creation. Development of innovative products for the tourist offer.

  2. Networking. Strengthen the community and link with the three powers, academia and private initiative.

  3. Professionalization. Structure training projects to raise quality in all services.

  4. Knowledge. Mechanisms of information analysis and statistics of the sector.

  5. Digitalization. Creation of digital marketing mechanisms for the tourist offer in Chihuahua.


Chihuahua is positioned as the 3rd state of the Mexican Republic in supply of the Metalworking sector, with more than 230 companies.

•More than 55% have quality systems in place and has the potential to be linked

•The city of Chihuahua has more than 60 companies dedicated to processes

• Chihuahua offers more than 713 productive processes in the metal-mechanic sector


  1. Conventional machining

  2. CNC machining

  3. Assembly

  4. Painting

  5. Heat treatment

  6. Die cutting

  7. Machining

  8. Surface treatment

  9. Heavy and lightweight paileria

  10. Laminate

  11. Die casting

  12. Foundry

  13. Forging

  14. Extrusion

  15. Synthesized


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